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15 Top Time-Saving Tips - Maria Gracia


1. Don't just wait.

Do two or more things at once. Exercise in front
of the TV, while you're catching up on the news,
or watching a favorite program. Sew a missing
button on a blouse, while you're waiting for a
pot to boil.

2. Say no.

You don't have to say yes to every single request
for your help. Schedule a set amount of time each
week for random requests. Once that time slot is
filled, don't take any more requests for your
time that week.

3. Stop running up and down the stairs.

Tired of running up and down the stairs while
you're cleaning? Stock a set of cleaning supplies
on each level of your home.

4. Set up a bill paying area.

Keep a set of bill paying supplies--your bill
paying organizer, a calculator, pens, pencils,
your checkbook, stamps, envelopes and address
labels--in one defined place. Next time you want
to pay bills, you'll be done in a jiffy.

5. Use kitchen shears.

Stop fumbling with knives. You'll be amazed at
the time you can save by simply using kitchen
shears to open bags, chop herbs or cut up fish or

6. Book while you're there.

Whenever you visit your doctor, dentist or
hairdresser, bring your datebook and book the
next appointment before you leave the office.

7. Call before you go.

Hate driving all the way to the store or library
and discovering that the DVD or book you wanted
is already checked out? Next time, call before
you leave home and ask if that DVD or book is
available. If it is, great! If not, you've saved
yourself an unnecessary trip.

8. Stop waiting in line.

Make your purchases from the Internet. For the
small amount you'll pay in shipping and handling,
you will have saved time driving to the store,
time waiting in line, and money in fuel costs.

9. Open mail over your recycling container.

Don't carry your mail over to your desk or table
where it's bound to pile up and take hours to go
through later. Open it right over the recycling
container, and get rid of all unnecessary mail

10. Stop checking email every 5 minutes.

Email is great, but if you're checking for new
mail every five minutes, you can easily get
distracted and time is going to quickly slip
away. Check for email only once or twice per day.

11. Make lists.

Stop trying to remember everything you have to
do. You're bound to forget something, and it may
result in lost time or a missed appointment.
Write it down and let your list remember for you.

12. Set goals and deadlines.

Know what you have to do, and attach deadlines to
those tasks. Don't waste time constantly having
to think about 'what's next.'

13. Screen your calls.

Don't answer the phone every time it rings. If
you do, you'll find yourself talking to
telemarketers or people who would be more
convenient to talk to at another time. Screen
your calls. Only return those you wish to return.
And call back your friends and relatives during a
set telephone hour later.

14. Get ready the night before.

Stop wasting morning time frantically running
around like a madperson trying to get done to get
to work on time. Do whatever you can to prepare
yourself the night before. Set the breakfast
table. Lay out your clothes, and your kids'
clothes. Have the coffeepot start automatically
by using the timer.

15. Restrict TV Viewing to Your Favorites.

Use your VCR to tape your favorite programs.
Then, watch them during a designated time each
night, or each week--and zap through the


Taking control of your time and your life isn't
impossible, nor is it a mystery.

As Maria explains it...

'Effective time management is not about working
harder. It's not about adding more tasks to your
to do list, or staying up later at night to
complete your lists, or constantly multi-tasking.

'You can become a master of your time simply by
working smarter. Once you know the secrets,
you'll actually work less, but get more done.
You'll also have all the time you need for the
people you love and the things you want to do.'

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