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12 Hot Career - by Forbes Magazine

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The Forbes magazine recently listed 12 hot careers in years to come. According to them the advances in technology, changes in consumers habits, an aging population and increase in offshore jobs (outsourcing) are factors that contribute to dynamic job markets. Because of this, jobs that are popular one day can quickly become obsolete in the future. This list is done based on their research on the anticipated job openings from the American Department of Labour. So it might not be entirely relevant to us.

Business and Finance

1. Accountants and auditors

2. Financial examiners - people who ensure companies comply with financial-related laws.

3. Personal financial advisors - people who help clients do retirement planning and meet financial objectives. In Malaysia generally, our personal financial advisors start as insurance agents and then they move up by taking a Certified Financial Planner course.

4. General and operations Manager - managers who run the day-to-day operations of a company.

5. Management analyst - also known as management consultants, these are people who advise businesses on how to increase their efficiency. Some well-know management consultants are McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Binafikir (home grown).


6. Elementary school teachers - teachers in primary school level. This might not apply to Malaysia but it is interesting to note the recent increase in private schools. We have university colleges like UCSI and UCTI going into the private school business. Also two British boarding schools are headed to Malaysia, Epsom in Enstek, Sepang and Marlborough in Iskandar, Johor.

7. Post-secondary school teachers - academics in colleges and universities. With the number of new universities coming up in Malaysia, this is a new growth career. At our last count we have the following new universities coming to Malaysia within the next few years.

- Newcastle University Medice Malaysia - Iskandar, Johor
- Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology - Iskandar, Johor
- Southampton University - Iskandar, Johor
- iCarnegie
- Premier International University Perak
- Manipal University

Health Care

8. Nurse - there is a large number of nurses locally but there are ample opportunities overseas.

9. Physician assistant - similar to hospital assistants in Malaysia, physician assistants provide similar health care service as physicians.

10. Medical scientist - the R&D guys in the medical field.


11. Network systems and data communications specialist - with businesses operating in different geographies, network specialist are important to manage a company's network.


12. Truck driver: heavy tractor trailer - the reason why trucking industry is big in USA is because of the size of the country.

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